Wild berry Spritz

Seasonal berries, organic lime, Crémant 9.50


Portion (1 pound raw & unpeeled) 1A Beelitz asparagus with new potatoes,

brown butter or hollandaise sauce 21.50


We also offer:

Cooked rosemary ham 11.50

Small zander fillet 14.50

Small breaded veal schnitzel 14.50


As tarte flambée: with asparagus, onions, ham and Emmental cheese 15.50

Plus a glass of ice-cold cider from Normandy 5,-



Postdamer Stange 0.25l 4.- 0.5l 6.-

Fresh, handcrafted, unfiltered organic full beer from local Templin Braumanufaktur

OUR MENU 41.50  
Asparagus cream soup with chive sour cream


Poularde suprème, on risotto with green and white asparagus and peas


Risotto with green and white asparagus and peas


Strawberry Tiramisu

Rock Me Amadeus, Sauvignon blanc & Green Valtenilla, Hammel Winery, Palatinate
Glass (0.1l) 5.50     Glass (0.2l) 8.90  
Pinot Noir, Rock’n Roll, Matthias Gaul, Palatinate  
Glass (0.1l) 5.50      Glass (0.2l) 8.90
Asparagus cream soup with chive sour cream
Colorful salad with raddish, red onions, roasted nuts and seeds 10.50
Salade Noix: with walnuts, Bleu d 'Auvergne, apples and red onions  14.50
Goat cheese mousse with caramelized pineapple and salad bouquet 14.50
Heirloom tomato bread salad with basil pesto and burrata  17.00
Tuna tartare with avocado, ginger-yuzu dressing and nori chips   17.50
Cheese dumplings with fried mushrooms with cream and small vegetables (veg.)  18.50
Risotto with green and white asparagus and peas 20.50
Roasted green asparagus, with carrots, capers, almonds dill pesto and baby potatoes (vegan) 20.50
Pink roasted lamb rump on wild broccoli with confit tomatoes and chimichurri 21.50
Sauerkraut with bacon, smoked pork, smoked sausage and potatoes 20,50
Poularde suprème, on risotto with green and white asparagus and peas 25,50
Beef, braised in Pinot Noir, with potato spring onion puree and s vegetables 25.00
Fried cod fillet on sautéed colored chard with saffron potatoes 26.50
Entrecôte with potato waffles, green beans and Bearnaise sauce 28,00
Fruit Sorbet 6.50
Crème Brûlée: burnt vanilla cream 8.50
Strawberry Tiramisu
Lukewarm rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice cream 9,50
French raw milk cheese variation 11.-  
Tarte flambée à la maison: with bacon and onions 11.50
Tarte flambée gratinée: with bacon, onions and Emmentaler  12.50
Tarte flambée végétarienne: with leeks, walnuts and Bleu d'Auvergne  14.50
Tarte aux aubergines: with aubergines, onions, rosemary, capers and feta cheese  14.50
Tarte flambée paysanne: with apples, onions and black pudding  13.50
Tarte aux chaampignons: with mushrooms, onions, and Emmentaler  14.50
Tarte flambée aux pommes: with apples, cinnamon and sugar 11.50
Tarte flambée au Calvados: with apples, calvados, cinnamon and sugar  15.50
Tarte flambée à la choucroute: with Sauerkraut, onions and knackwurst 14.50
Tarte flambée au saumaon: with salmon, spring onions and cocktail tomatoes 16.50
Tarte flambée aux artichaux: with artichoke, onions, olives, capers und cherry tomatoes (vegan)  15.50